VIMTO Cordial Non Added Sugar

During the last 94 years the world has dramatically changed. It is almost a miracle that VIMTO CORDIAL stood unchanged resisting the pass of time strong and relevant creating everlasting family moments of togetherness Ramadan after Ramadan generation after generation.

Since many years consumers are incorporating more and more healthy habits to their life styles, even at Ramadan, and they have been leaving the CORDIAL category due to its perception of high in sugar content.

Today we are making history bringing the first ever innovation in VIMTO CORDIAL addressing the need for healthier foods with our VIMTO CORDIAL NON ADDED SUGAR.

It has been an extremely difficult project where we have solved hundreds of barriers along its way and that is why we should all be proud of the TEAM who dreamed it, believed it and fought day and night to make it happen.

This season we will continue creating everlasting moments of togetherness in ALL families, even the most health-conscious ones.

Rani Refreshment Team