RANI® Float, time for a whole Rejuvenation!

This is a momentous time to our beloved RANI® Float. We celebrate loudly the official start of its new era after several years of silence. RANI® Float is coming back to its consumers with a complete in & outside make-over with the new rich “100% Fruit Juice” and “NO-ADDED-SUGAR” range taking a closer and better part in its consumers’ lives with a much younger and trendsetting iconic look of its can!   

To make this celebration well heard of, the brand began a 360 holistic communication campaign in the key markets starting June establishing its quality credentials while anchoring a more meaningful and worthwhile presence in our everyday’ s stories.

Becoming more competitive and relevant than ever before, the brand has never gone through such magnificent turnaround for the past five years. A leap of faith that ACCBC teams took together, which will surely take the brand to a more success & strength. To much more to RANI® Float and stay tuned for more!  


RANI® Team.