Transformational Leadership Awards 2020

Transformational Leadership Awards 2020: Honoring excellence and innovation

The global COVID-19 pandemic has pushed organizations across multiple industries to re-think the way they operate to ensure business continuity. While many continue to struggle in adapting to this paradigm shift, there are some who have turned the challenges brought by the pandemic into an opportunity to fully embrace the digital era.

Transformational Leadership Awards honor IT leaders who have leveraged their expertise and knowledge to equip businesses with the tools to cope and reshape the world post COVID-19.

Don Surrao, Group CIO of Aujan, was honored with this award, as part of a select group of IT leaders across the Middle East. Key initiatives by Aujan IT in collaboration with the business;

  • Enabling a seamless shift to remote working in response to the pandemic, with no IT disruptions and with no additional costs, including rapid deploying of IT tools to ensure an effective Working-From-Home experience.
  • Rollout of strategic IT systems for effective Sales operations, coupled with Business Intelligence to harness the power of data, despite the challenges of remote working due to the pandemic.
  • Launching the journey to the Cloud in line with a clear IT Strategy, to deliver a significant reduction in CapEx intensive infrastructure investments to optimize cash flows, improve speed and flexibility to scale up and down rapidly in response to changing business needs and whilst continuously enhancing security.

We congratulate Don Surrao and the Aujan IT Team on this external recognition and thank them for their dedication in ensuring IT remains fit for purpose across Aujan.

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