VIMTO achieved the highest uplift in Ad Awareness of any brand in KSA throughout Ramadan with Ad diagnostics beating all industry norms.

This year we adapted our sweet togetherness message to social distancing guidelines inviting people to stay together passing Vimto virtually #Vimto_tillwe_meet again!

The pure digital campaign has over seven million views on YouTube and YouGov brand tracking shows the campaign has resonated with the public, with its Ad Awareness score increasing by +9.6 points and Impression perceptions score improving by 8.1 points.

Brand Health Tracker Ad diagnostics show the Ad outperformed the norms across all image attributes reaching an Ad recall of 44% vs KSA norm of 37% and outstanding Brand Linkage of 93% vs KSA norm of 40%.

Another element to be proud of the excellent Cordial season results achieved across all Business Units with the efforts of each and every function beating Covid and 50% taxation challenges.