Vision & Mission

Over the last 20-30 years the Aujan Group business has been a diverse conglomerate with interests ranging from FMCG to packaging materials, hospitality, air travel, furniture and real estate.  This diversity delivered portfolio balance, but in recent years we have recognized the need for operational focus particularly in a highly volatile MENA region.

We have embarked on a program to deliver an FMCG centered operating business and a complementary investment company covering a full variety of investment classes from equity, and fixed income to real estate, technology and private equity.  That transition is in progress and a number of disposals have been completed in the last 5 years.

The investment company will provide a solid, reliable return to the shareholders and the FMCG centered business will enable us to fully focus on driving superior returns using our long experience and deep expertise in the regional beverages market.

Through this period of change, our core capabilities have not changed.  We focus on building great brands, working with world class partners, taking managed risk in challenging geographies and driving growth through excellent people.