Sheikh Adel Aujan’s legacy continues to shine in Pemba, Cabo Del Gado, Mozambique

Four years ago, on the 22nd September 2017, Abdulla Aujan, Executive Chairman for Aujan Group Holdings,  inaugurated the Ophthalmology Eye clinic, in Pemba, Gabo Delgado, with the Governor of the province, Celmira Frederico Pena Da Silva.   The clinic was the vision of Sheikh Adel Aujan, and was built in memory of his mother,  which he aptly named in her honor, Sabiha Al Muhsin.  

Sheikh Adel Aujan and an exceptional team in a collaborated effort developed and built the clinic that consists of two operating rooms, recovery, sterilization and consultation rooms with additional administrative and storage areas, state of the art operating equipment from direct Ophthalmoscopes, retinoscope, computerized tonometers, Autorefractometer that form part of an extensive list of equipment and supplies that are included in the project and form a vital aspect for the diagnoses and the treatment of patients.

Aujan Group Holdings through their subsidiary Rani Resorts has continued for these four years to further support all the running costs of the clinic including the supply of lenses and medicines and are proud in stating that we have had incredible results to date with a total of 2,627 patients operated on for Cataracts and 237 patients for Glaucoma and their vision restored after having received the surgery. One of the leading causes of blindness in the world are cataracts and Glaucoma and they are treatable with surgery.

Cabo Delgado is the first province in Mozambique with the highest number of successful Glaucoma surgeries in the country. This is also due to the Incredible team Led by Dr Cristovao Daniel Matsinhe and Dr Sergio Mosse from the Ministry of Health in Mozambique. The success of cataract surgery depends on the Intra-ocular lenses which must be implanted into the eye after the removal of the cataract, therefore making it critical in the process, as are the medicines, which a majority of the patients cannot afford and are supplied by Rani Resorts in a continuous effort to support the communities we work in, furthermore driven by our core values and provide positive social value.