Rani Float local production in India

In 1982 our Chairman Sheikh Adel Aujan decided to run a staff competition to find the brand name for the neworange float juice imported from Japan. That’s how Rani was launched as Aujan’s trademark. As you know Rani means ‘Queen in India.

After almost 4 decades of expansion all over the world the brand is ready to write a new page of its glorious history with the contract granted to Coca Cola India for the distribution and local production of Rani Float in India. Since mid-2018 we teamed up with Coca-Cola India and bottler Kandhari Beverage to complete the feasibility trials late 2018 and 1st week of July 2019 successful commissioning of Peach and Strawberry Banana float has been completed. Next flavors in line are Orange and Pineapple floats, to be completed in the next phase.

As you know Rani float is not new to Indian market but the partnership with Coca Cola India will turn it more profitable in order to invest the needed support to build brand awareness and distribute it all over the country to turn India into one of the biggest markets of the brand in the world.

We would like to thank the people and functions that have supported this dream to come true, from ACCBC/AGH/RR, from Procurement, Planning, Legal, R&D, Finance, &Marketing.