Barbican Craft Malt Series Launch

Barbican launches exclusive new Craft Malt Series, a range of truly authentic malt flavours. The new range has been inspired from world class malt notes and flavors, for taste connoisseurs who desire and appreciate authentic and stronger malt taste giving feeling of character and maturity they deserve. From the first ice cold sip a wonderful array of flavours hit your palette with true taste of toasted malt or sun kissed barley and even lingering taste of hops and citrus.

Barbican Craft Malt series is available in 2 unique and distinct flavors from easy to drink Blonde Malt and copper colored hoppy Amber Malt.

Amber Malt: A mid-bodied malt packing a copper-coloured punch and boasts a healthy dose of earthy undertones and a slight woody aroma.

Blonde Malt: Its golden hue’s and strong yet flavorful and citrusy undertones are upheld by a malty backbone and which gives it its fresh and slightly fruity aroma