When on the 23rd March 2020 the first Covid19 case was reported in Mozambique, both the residential and commercial towers at Rani Towers were well prepared by prioritizing everyone’s safety.

In order to maintain operations during these unprecedented circumstances, the teams developed a Covid 19 standard operating procedures for various scenarios and action plans implemented that included: bi-lingual communication, printed and video messages that outlined in details the WHO recommendations  such as: washing hands, social distancing and mandatory use of masks.  These information were displayed on various platforms from the building screens to posters mounted in key locations and newsletters that were aligned with the Mozambican Ministry of Health.

The following measures were implemented to prevent the spreading of the virus:

  • Mandatory use of face masks
  • Temperature reading at all entrances with additional security guards stationed to open and close relevant doors.
  • Multiple hand sanitizers located at the entrances, parking doors entrances, receptions and in the elevators.
  • The capacity of the elevators is limited to maximum 4 people. Each elevator and main lobby entrance have designated cleaning teams.
  • Designated cleaning company increased the use of internationally approved cleaning products.
  • The pool, gym and bar were closed as a preventative measure.
  • Protocols adapted in regards to fire alarm and evacuation procedures with first responders in full Personal Protective Equipment.
  • The water usage for centralized AC was set with measures to destroy the bacterias  and has an ultrafiltration membrane plant.
  • Entrances and turnstiles remained open to avoid touching of surfaces.  Additional guards posted to uphold high security services.
  • in-house team managing the buildings  24/7 so that all facilities continue to operate with the same high level of service